September 4, 2004

DaddyDom's & babygirls

There has been an increase if the term *DaddyDom*
on the internet the past couple years . I myself
became very interested in ageplay about 5 years
ago and set out to define my obession with it a
litle more. There wasn't much back then but over
the years DaddyDom and ageplay/roleplay has surfaced
to ALMOST an acceptable form of sexual play. I think
how ever the term Daddy or DaddyDom's is especially
popular in the BDSM communities even though very
few people get the chance to play those roles offline,
in real time. I would be the first to jump at the
chance if presented to me(any takers? call 555-LUVU)
But seriously I love to ageplay and like what a
DaddyDom stands for. Here are 4 opinions from some
people who also share my fasination with DaddyDom's and babygirls/lil ones's

Daddy #1

There are many types of relationships in the BDSM world. DaddyDom/lilone is one of the lesser known ones. Mainly because so many think it has incestuous connotations or pedo in nature. Maybe it does in some cases.......or maybe thats only a very small aspect of it...because that type of a relationship is so much more nuturing. The idea of having an older, hopefully wiser man, who is also sensuous, and full of passion, be your Dom/Master, I am sure is every subs dream in one way or another. Someone who might have that loving affection like a Good Daddy had. A man who is firm and strong.......but nurtures you, rather than tear you down. He might spank rather than whip...(though personally I like to flog her sometimes LOL). He might use words like babygirl..........lilone. I think a DaddyDom never tries to harm the soul of his charge.....or make her feel make himself feel strong. He honors her submission.(as i believe all who are Doms should) He would never try to tear your self worth apart. Sometimes I like the idea of rape......or taking my lil one...but, it is part of both our play. There are no definitive is something both parties have to explore.Being totally honest here.........I am always surprised that the more my lil one and I know about each other...the more we trust each other.....the kinkier we are finding ourselves to be. The more we explore some of what our narrow minded, moral hippocrits might call deviant, kinky behavior.....the freer and less uptight we become. The more we can enjoy loving each other. I hope my babygirl and I never stop exploring. That we can always trust one another enough, love each other enough, to never be afraid to express those needs. And that, if in some case it's not one of our cups of tea..that we will respect that limit. To me, thats what it's all about.


Hello again... now lets see what this little angel has gotten into,hm ops theres those words again,grins looking around for Master, ok coast is clear,(soft giggle)....ok now.. lets see where was i, oh yeah, deep thought here, (grins) we are discusing what a Daddy Dom is.. ok well i can only say i know what that means to me.., BUT, first of all i want ALL to know, it has NOTHING to do with incest,or any fetish for children. ok.. Have You ever heard the term Daddy Dom? and if so do You know what it is? Its ok if not, most don't. I found a web site about Daddy Doms awhile back a very good one infact, so far it has been the only public info on this form of D/s i have ran into... anyway, i shared it and it made its rounds, a dear freind who has been more than a mentor but one of my best and closest friend fell in love with it.. after reading it He knew where He was in His life :) He is a Daddy Dom, well in this link it had mentioned that alot of people freak out when they hear the term, and automaticaly think it is incest or an unnatural lust for children, and the fact is, NO it is not about that at all. OK i can't say ALL will refrain from this but the ones i know surely do... (moving right along here) OK, a Daddy Dom is a Male type Dominant Person Who has a strong Fathering urge,the counter part of the Mother Hen syndrom i would believe, How ever in D/s When the Daddy Dom takes a submissive, He treats her rather like a little girl(see the next page to find out more about the little girl sub) He guides, teaches AND.. offers her what she needs most of all, unconditional love and acceptance. In my view a Daddy Dom is the most tender of Dominants. He loves His little girl with an unwaivering and passionate Love that is timeless. His little girl is His sunshine the bright spot in His life.He wants nothing more than to pull her close and protect her from the cruel world. But knowing He can not, He guides and teaches her helping her to be ready for this world. And then He waits, knowing she will run to Him when she becomes over whelmed and scared by the harshness of it all. The Daddy Dom always has His little girl's best interest in mind, He will help her set and reach goals, He will help her improve herself to be the best she can be,not for Him but for herself..and yes He will even at times punish her. This will no doubt break His heart, but He will always do whats best for her. The Daddy Dom gains as much joy and excitement from His little girl's daily acomplishment as she herself does. His pride in her shows in the tender loving way He cares for her, she has put that twinkle in His eye. The Daddy Dom listens to all her fears and concerns, knowing no matter how silly or childish they may sound to Him, to her they are real and He will help her confront them. He slays her dragons so to speak and He is her Hero for it. The Daddy Dom hears all her dreams and desires and all the dirty little secrets, and smiles because she is bold enough and loves Him enough to open herself up so totally to Him, and He kisses her face and holds her close letting her know she is loved no matter what. she is His little girl, and He loves her unconditionaly. Even if during scening He brings her great pain to release her pleasures(admit it some like it .. so hush now.) He will cuddle her and show her the tenderness she craves when she needs it., when she feels unsure of herself He will whisper encouraging words for her, when she feels ugly He will reasure her how beautiful she is to Him.. when she is scared He will be her saftey ,her medium against the world if need be. Even though she is all woman, she is His little girl and He is her Daddy

Babygirl aka Lil One

Are you really interested in learning what a baby girl is... Ok, and again all i can do is tell it from my point and what i have learned from a few others, it does not mean this is carved in stone but it may help (and this is my entended actions here) to open the eyes and minds of Those in this lifestyle, and some who are not, grins...ok here goes... i am a submissive female, but i am also what is known as a baby girl sub with a slight bratty twist to my personality, no that donesn't mean i am hateful and lacking respect in anyway.. to Those i feel deserving i offer the proper respect to without question, i want to be babied, nooo not shurking my duties in any way shape or form, i am no where near lazy, i am child like in most of my ways and love the tender loving controlling care a Daddy Dom offers. I am still a woman but a rather child like one, i am of legal age to consent or refuse any and all offers i feel unhealthy or unsafe or just not my trip... But i have the strong instinctive desire to be cared for the way One would a child, with an open mind and heart that guides, loves, protects and teaches me. One who will show me the world and keep it's harshness at bay should it become to over whelming for me, my safe place in the world so to speak, On Daddy's lap or in His arms or peeking out from behind Him. ( and yes i do this) He is not my Father i have one, a very good One at that, He is my Master, my guide, my teacher my Mentor, my World. He is nothing like my Father, other than Both are Men of good qualities and strong convictions, strong willed, but not unyeilding.I have noooo desire to kiss my Father in a deep passionate burn my soul, curl my toes type of kiss, but give me just a moment and i'll have a lip lock on my Daddy, that steams up da windows,(grins) my Daddy takes care of me, He helps me reach my goals that i set for myself, He loves me as i am, He doesn't want me any different, He accepts me and loves "me" and when i whisper my nasty lil fantasies and dirty lil secrets He loves me all the more for opening up to Him, He doesn't look at me in disgust .He hugs me close and kisses my face. Yes my Daddy has punished me a few times, and boy did i get mad and plot revenge(thats one thing You will always have to worry about with a baby girl/brat/sub,) even if she knows she is wrong and even if she accepts her punishment she will not soon forget it and even though she understands why she does not appreciate it overly much, even as she makes personal changes to ward any farther conflict that may bring about another round of punishment..she maybe also very carefully planning Your tripping over the flogger handle soon or she may have planned a to salty dinner next, even if she never follows through with these plans You can almost bet she has made several for each time she was punished. and she is the world best pouter, and yes the Daddy Dom will have to learn to harden His heart just a tad if He wishes to continue to do what is in her best interest and not allow her to top from the bottom. she may well have good excuses for something she has done in error, but she most likely has a bag full of these excuses she keeps tucked away because something about her just makes her act up from time to time.The baby girl needs alot of attention to feel loved and secure, lacking this, is one sure fire way to get a negetive reaction from her.But for the most part , she is a most loving eat the world alive type of girl, who needs to and wants to experience it "ALL" but in the safety of her Daddy's control. she wants to stand on her own but needs His strong firm hand, His tender guidance, His softly spoken words of encouragment. and the safest place of all is with her Daddy. she loves Him madly, will follow Him to the ends of the earth once she has placed her hard won trust in Him.she will run from her own shadow at times but will fight the world for her Daddy. she is a wonderous creature, the baby girl, she is loyal and devoted, loving and playful and blooms into a beautiful flower with the right Daddy Dom. she is a scared little girl and a strong i can do it myself woman, and she is His baby girl and He is her Daddy!

On DaddyDom's and babygirls by Kendra

I mentioned the term Daddy Dom in a chat room the other day and was greeted by a resounding Yuk! It got me thinking about the misconceptions surrounding this aspect of D/s. I realize most think that it involves a father/daughter relationship. That isn't quite true, Daddy/little girl is a much different level. I do not know if I can explain what I mean so I will simply talk about what a Daddy Dom is to me.First I should say that in my relationship my Dom is not my father, he is nothing like my father, and I have no need for him to replace my father. He is however my Daddy. We do not engage in age play specifically ( beyond the occasional school girl fantasy *s*) and our relationship is not based on any need to have sex with children. I am always all woman, and always a very independent woman. He does have the ability to make me feel like a little girl, however, a very cherished and sometimes needy little girl. It is a feeling that I revel in, it is the safest place I have ever been, and it allows me the freedom to be all that I am without fear of reprisals.So..what makes a Daddy Dom? First and foremost he loves his little girl. She is his prized possession. His eyes light up when she walks into the room and he takes great pride in her successes. After all, he helped to create her. She holds the most tender part of his heart and has the greatest power to hurt him.Seeing her hurt however is not something a Daddy Dom wants. He sees it as his job to protect her, both from the outside world and herself. He may love to cause her great pain in a scene, but he hates to be the one to hurt her emotionally. It hurts him to have to punish her , but he knows it is sometimes necessary.This takes great strength on his part. It takes strength to control her, and to shape her to his needs and desires. It takes strength to be her confidant, her shoulder, her anchor. It takes strength to let her out into the world when all he wants to do is hold her safe in his arms. And it takes strength to do what is necessary when she needs to be disciplined.A Daddy Dom knows the value of discipline, though at times his soft heart gets the best of him. He knows that in order for his little girl to be the best she can possibly be he must stand firm. He uses his experience in life and his knowledge of her to provide proper direction and punishment when the need arises. He knows this hurts her, and that tears at his heart, but he also knows it is for her own good.A Daddy Dom provides something else that is very important to his submissive..acceptance. She is safe in his arms because he knows her, everything about her, and he still loves her. When she goes to him she knows that this man knows all of her dirty little secrets and it doesn't matter. To him she is beautiful.Many of you may be asking what separates a Daddy Dom from any other Dom. In most cases very little. Hopefully they all provide love, strength, protection, discipline, and acceptance. I have heard Daddy Doms described as a kinder, gentler, Dom. I like that definition though I know it won't apply to all. I guess when it really comes down to it I can't explain it. There is something infinitely magical about a Daddy Dom. Perhaps it is something only a little girl can understand.


mohna said...

You mentioned the difference between a Dom and a Daddydom... now I admit this is very hard to explain, but I once heard a beautiful story that might give ye an idea, I will translate it literally:
I read a story about a subgirl, she wrote about a holiday she once took with her Dom. They were on their way to their destination and it was night. They stopped at a gasstation and he went to get some coffee. During that time she felt unprotected and alone...automatically she pulled up her legs and put her arms around them. When her Dom got back with the coffee he had a good view on her panties. He smiled and told her how sweet and little she looked like.
It was at that moment that she realised she was in a bit of a 'reveiling' position and blushed.
He said: "This blushing and subconsciously sitting like you did, like a sweet little girl that waits for her Daddy, is what makes you a subgirl and not only a sub/slave. And if I had not been your Daddy, but only your Master/Dom it would have been you who was getting the coffee and me who was waiting for you.. do you understand that, little one?"
And then she knew..such a simple thing in their daily life that made the difference between a Dom and a Daddydom clear...this is how it was supposed to be.

I found it a very loving story, just like a Daddydom is a very loving Dom in my eyes.

mohna said...
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Lee said...

Why in the world would you choose a type color that is hard if not impossible to read? .... pity

stellent said...

Lovely stories and thoughts. Having been a daddy dom for years, I can attest to the closeness of the relationship and the most of all; the unconditional love. To me they are the purest relationships I ever had.

Daddy Rick

His lil girl said...

Thank you so much for sharing this information. After five years in the lifestyle, I now understand me as a submissive and my need. I could not formulate it in words, until tonite. I only knew that on a few occasions, when I was spoken to in a pampered, lil girl sort of way, my knees got weak and my voice would naturally change. The feeling of where that put me is really indescribable. I am with out doubt, a baby girl. Thank you!

Monique said...

This form of BDSM sounds so interesting. I recently started having sex and am very curious about different things. Someone mentioned a Daddy/lil one relationship, so I googled it and stumbled upon this site. Thank you all for your insite:-)

coachmaster said...

Thank you for this website and your efforts :-) The DaddyDom dynamic is a new concept to me and one I have begun to investigate at the suggestion of a sub I met. We met under D/s pretenses and began to persue nothing more than an online friendship. After learning about me over an accumulated 10 hours or so of voice communication in addition to numerous hours of chat she approached me one evening with the suggestion that I was a natural DaddyDom and didn't even know it. She went on to ask me if I would consider exploring a DaddyDom relationship with her. Not feeling informed enough to really be able to answer this question I told her I would have to learn more about it before I could answer that question. Having now spent several hours researching and reading about the DaddyDom dynamic on this and other sites I have come to understand why she suggested to me that I am a natural DaddyDom. As I have read in many comments on this and other sites my first reaction was negative thinking it was more towards being a pedaphile or online play as such. So the DaddyDom dynamic is commonly misunderstood. I just wanted to take a minute and share my 2 cents worth and extend my gratitude for those out there that take our lifestyle seriously enouogh to put forth the effort to create sites such as this. KUDOS and many thanks.